Things // Go to town

We love the soft shades mixed with graphic structures in urban landscapes in the photography of Lisa Sorgini.

Series ‘Go to town’

Wir lieben die sanften Toene gemixt mit grafischen urbanen Strukturen in der Fotografie der Australierin Lisa Sorgini.

Aus der Serie ‘ Go to town’

Go to town Lisa Sorgini

New colors //Dimensions Wallpaper

Specially for Mellow Concept Store in Brussels we developed a new version of our Wallpaper Dimensions in greenish blue, fresh yellow and grey. Look how lovely it fits in her store. Maud sells known  fashion brands such as  Numph from Denmark and the French label ByTimo. We visited her shop last weekend and we had a great time discovering even new brands. Of course you find Lilesadi products as well at the store.

Spezial fuer Mellow Concept Store in Bruessel haben wir eine neue Farbvariante unserer Dimensions Tapete entwickelt in den Toenen blaugruen, zitronengelb und grau. Letzte Woche haben wir den Laden besucht und wir waren begeistert vom Styling und der Markenauswahl der Inhaberin Maud. Sie mixt teure und  bezahlbare Labels und verschiedene Stile auf spannende Weise und natuerlich findet ihr auch Lilesadi Produkte.

Mellow Conceptstore

Mellow Conceptstore wallpaper Dimensions

We are very proud of the fitting rooms, designed by Lilesadi. The textile is printed with a graphic floral Lilesadi pattern.

Wir sind besonders stolz auf die von Lilesadi fuer Mellow entworfenen Textilien der Ankleideraeume.

Mellow Conceptstore Brussels Fitting room

Sneak Peak


We wanted to give you a little sneak peak of the new products and collaborations we have been working on the last months.

We are very happy about our collaboration with Studio Rafaele Rohn. The outcome are very functional and decorative Mountain Photoholders and a minimalist necklace in the gold & marble feel. They will be available in our shop end of the month. Make sure you check our website for the new lookbook.

Rafaele Rohn & Lilesadi RRXLS-8_s
Some weeks ago we already posted about our styling project with Lianne Siebring & Elise Zoetmulder. The last weeks we worked very hard on our new collaboration with Studio Siebring & Zoetmulder. The furniture collection will be presented at the DDW in Eindhoven 18-26th of October. We are very excited about this project!

Our Mohair blanket is now available to order. It is very warm and soft and woven at the Textilelab Tilburg and made of 80% Mohair, 15% Wool and 5% Cotton. We are still looking for a name. Can you help?

Mohair Blanket Textilelab

We hope you liked our little preview!

PS: We give Free Shipping on all orders with an order value above 50 Euro. Only valid for orders within Europe. Enter the code: FREE

Have a lovely weekend,

Sarah & Dinah

Berlin Berlin is toch keen Dorf!

Yesterday would have been our grandmother’s 91st Birthday. When we were little she was living in the street next to ours and we would spend a lot of time at her place. She was a very strong and independent woman.  She loved to enjoy life, to eat and drink well and one her biggest passion was travelling. In the last two years of her life we still made two beautiful trips with her. We are so happy about the times we had with the wisest and most honest person we know. We miss you granny!


Things // Rainbow Shades

The Rainbow shades by French designer Julien Renault are derived  from a project with kids at Villa Noailles arts centre in Hyères.. Beautiful shades inviting to be combined. Made from reinforced synthetic plaster and produced in limited quantities.

Rainbow Shades Julien Renault

On a trip

On a trip

Things // Yeah rug by Mae Engelgeer

Yeah rug inspired by the Berber & Boucheroite style, handwoven in Nepal and a strong Mae Engelgeer signature.

Yeah rug by Mae Engelgeer

Inspiration // Bubbles

Incredible that just soap water and air can create these iridiscent short living beauties.


Sabine Marcelis for Eastpak - beautiful iridiscent design

Sabine Marcelis for Eastpak

Lilesadi loves…Gang of Freyja

Our friend Juliette Sallin from Geneva just opened her new label Gang of Freyja. The mythology around the beautiful and untamed goddess Freyja inspired her to create her own drawings, thoughts and inspiration around beauty, femininity and the sensuous wilderness of life.

Juliette Sallin Night_Girl_illustration shrimp_girl

You find the Night Girl print in our online shop.

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Screen printing Bears blankets

Our intern Rafaele is helping to screen print new fabric for the Bears Baby Blankets Bears . We use giant silk screens to print the pattern on the fabric. All our kids fabrics are hand printed.

Screen printing Bears blankets