End of the week we will be travelling to Paris to attend Playtime.  We will be showcasing our SS/AW 15 collection of Kidswear and home accessories.

Meet us at Playtime


We are looking forward to Confit de Canard, Gratuin Dauphinois, O la la.. exciting!

Do you have tips for us where to find nice places in Paris? Mail us to

Take care.

Lilesadi watches… artists at work

When I go to an exhibition something that really gets my attention is the process behind the making. I try to imagine the author, designer or artist at work. Their body language and hand movement.

Last year I went to the exhibition “Artist textiles: Picasso to Warhol” at the Fashion and Textiles Museum in London. The exhibition was an absolute explosion of creativity but there was a video of Picasso painting that really touched me.

I just found it and I wanted to share it with you. In there you can see Picasso behind a glass painting with free brush strokes.

(….If like me the music doesn’t inspire you I recommend putting some other music that you like with it, the experience gets even better!)

While thinking about this post I remembered some other artists whose processes inspires me to have fun and to have a close body relation to my work.

Matisse and his cut-outs

Pollock dripping

and …  Ushio Shinohara






Lilesadi reads… Folding techniques for designers

I started my love affair with folding paper when I participated on a workshop about Origami Tessellation with the artist Tine De Ruysser.

There we learned how to fold a single sheet of paper to create a tessellated pattern based on geometric shapes, mainly square and triangles. De Ruysser makes very interesting jewellery pieces but also functional objects with folded materials. I specially loved her mix of hard materials as wood or metal with soft fabrics.



 Detail of her shoulder cape design


Metamorphosis I made by plywood and polyester.


I was very intrigued by how I could apply it into my work and I bought the book “Folding Techniques for Designers: From Sheet to Form” by Paul Jackson. It really opened my views of what folding can bring to design, with a simple sheet of paper or other flat materials you can create an infinite amount of shapes, volumes or textures. 

This book covers not only origami but also over 70 folding techniques explained by clear step-by-step drawings, crease-pattern drawings, and specially commissioned photography.


You can see a video here

Folding Techniques for Designers by Paul Jackson

And for even more paper folding expertise, take a look at some of the author’s favourite sites and blogs:

I have just started exploring its possibilities and I really encourage you to experiment with it!

Have a lovely weekend!

Lilesadi loves.. Frankie

We were very happy when Frankie from Australia, our favorite magazine, contacted us for a feature.

We love the fun Aussie language they use to describe our cuttingboard Bear. You might be able to read the text if you look well. It’s worth it!

Frankie Jan 2015 Cutting board Bear

A glimpse at the studio

We like to give a glimpse at our studio on Instagram. The last weeks of 2014 have been very busy and we are looking forward to an exciting 2015.

Instagram Dec 2014

Lilesadi loves…Studio Daan Roosegaarde

One designer we find very inspiring and refreshing is Studio Roosegaarde.

Daan Roosegaarde


This man literally turns dust into diamonds. That’s the new poetic project of designer Daan Roosegaarde. He and his team want to create a smog free space in Bejing by sucking out the polluted air and…create diamonds.

When working in this mega-city he asked himself why nobody would do something against the heavy smog and he came up with the idea to create something beautiful with it.  Have a look at the video to see what he intends to do.

Roosegaarde calls his work, which is established between ideology and technology,‘techno-poetry’.

Daan Roosegaarde Dust into Diamonds

Smog Free Park by Daan Roosegaarde from Studio Roosegaarde on Vimeo.

One of the last really cool projects of Roosegaarde was the Smart Highway, a tactile, high-tech environment in which the viewer and space become one. This is an entirely new approach to roads, which is not only beautiful and alluring but also a sustainable and cost-effective solution, thus offering a unique design solution to both developed and developing countries.

The Smart Highway is now being tested in the North of the Netherlands. We made a quick overview what a Smart Highway actually means.

+Glowing Lines
Glow in dark lines absorb light during the day and glow at night.

+Dynamic Paint
Temperature controlled markings get visible or fade at certain temperatures. Think of ice crystal signs which get visible when it gets slippery on the road.

+Electric Priority Lane
Induction offers electric cars the possibility to charge themselves while driving.

+Interactive Light
Interactive light only turns on when traffic approaches by means of sensors.

+Dynamic Lines
Road lines can be flexibily adjusted.

+Wind Light
The wind generated by the cars activates small windmills on the roads.

If you want to want to find out more about him you should definitely read the interview on the blog, where he speaks about his work, his philosophy and motivations.

We love the creative mess of his industrial studio space.

Studio Daan Roosegaarde

Have a great day!



LileSADi at Playtime Paris Jan 31th – Feb 2nd 2015

Playtime Paris January 2015

We will present our kidswear and accessories collection at Playtime Paris January/February 2015. We are looking forward to see you at Booth E17!


It’s been a exciting year

2014 has been an exciting year for us. We met so many inspiring people, welcomed fantastic new retailers all over the world and realized great projects. We wish you all a cozy time with your family and a fantastic 2015! Next year will be full of great chances for LileSADi.

//Playtime Paris Jan 2015

//Salone Satellite April 2015

Happy Holidays

Take care,

Sarah & Dinah

Cool gifts with attitude by LileSADi

Treat yourself or your family and friends with an original gift. LileSADi offers Free Shipping on all orders above 50 Euro in the online shop until the 15th of December.

Use the code SANTA at checkout. 

Originelle Geschenke


Lilesadi loves… Sprout by Gro

We recently discovered the kids fashion label GRO from Denmark and we fell in love with the clean shapes, the soft shades and the minimalist design in overall.

The idea with the GRO collection was to make a line for girls and boys from newborn to 10 years. To celebrate the life of children, Anette called the collection GRO which translated means GROW.


Gro Denmark Kids Fashion

Gro DK