DIY Dip Dyed Easter Eggs

There are so many ways to make nice Easter eggs yourself on a creative way. We collected some of our favorite ideas for you to try. Have fun!

Dip Dyed Easter Eggs

Dip Dye Easter Eggs

via  Oh Joy Blogs

What you need:
Hard-boiled eggs
Paper bags
Cake rack
Neon food coloring
Rubber gloves
PAAS ” color cups ” dying kit

Here’s how it works:

  1. Boil the eggs , remove it from the water and let them dry and cool.
  2. Cover the work surface with , for example, paper bags you attaching them with adhesive tape to the counter to makesure that they do not move.
  3. Take a rack to dry the eggs.
  4. Mix a teaspoon of vinegar , 25 drops of food coloring and 1/ 2 cup hot water in a ” paint pot ” and stir it .
  5. Once the eggs completely cooled, and their shells are completely dry , begin with dying the eggs.

The longer the egg in the dye bath is , the deeper the color will be . As a rule, you need 10 to 15 minutes a deep, luminous color.

Make craft a ladle of thick wire and use the shells you have on hand .

In order to create gradations of color, the egg dip once quickly for the brightest color.
Then dip the egg again , not quite as deep as the first time and leave it for 3 to 5 minutes to rest . Lift again to create a third band of color , and leave it in the dye for another 5 minutes or longer for a deeper color.

To create a two colored egg dip in one color , leave the egg on the drying rack for 15 minutes. Finally, dip the other end in a second color.

Have fun ! Read the full DIY tip on Oh Joy Blogs

Paint your Easter Eggs with watercolor


What you need:

Hard-boiled eggs
Soft, thin brushes of different masses

How it works:
Let your imagination run wild and paint patterns, faces, mustaches or flowers on your eggs.

Happy Easter!


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I love Walnut

We are happy to welcome Walnut Mixstore in Groningen as one of our retailers. They have a fantastic collection of designers and brands such as Lennecke Wispelwey, Studio Snowpuppe, M.O.S.S Design, Depeapa and many more.

Have a look at this beautiful store here. They run a webshop too:) On the picture you see our Rainy Days mug, the Bear cutting board and our tea towels Rainy Days and Dots in their shop.

Walnut Mixstore

Have a nice day!

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New Memphis

Memphis Group


For the DOTS cushion and tea towel line we were inspired by the Memphis group. We translated this style from the 80′s with a modern twist. If you want to know more about it, the Dutch design plattform dedicated a whole blogpost to what they call New Memphis.

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New York lied to me

Clothes Rack Mountain


We received this nice picture of our new clothes Rack MOUNTAIN from our reseller Coos-je in the Netherlands.


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New Tea Towel – DOTS

Tea Towel Dots


We have a new Tea towel in our online shop, DOTS. Is is fresh, minimalistic and very graphic.


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Wallpaper Inspiration

We love wallpaper. Wallpaper is the best way to spruce up an apartment. The Vintage & Design Store My Ex Boyfriend in Belgium made a selection of their favorite wallpaper designers and we are one of them (Nr. 4).  We love the style of Asanderus, their use of soft tones with graphic lines is simply beautiful. Have a look at the complete blogpost over at My Ex Boyfriend.

Wallpaper Inspiration


Photowall from Sweden shared this cool picture of Ain Anerdalen in front of our new Soft Triangles wallpaper. We love it!

Soft Triangles Wallpaper

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My Ex Boyfriend

The Vintage & Scandinavian Design store My Ex Boyfriend from Belgium has the most fantastic pieces.

Have a look at the nice pictures they took with our Dots cushion. You can follow them on Instagram here.

My Ex Boyfriend

My Ex Boyfriend Cushion Dots

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Lianne Siebring & Lilesadi

We really like the work of designer Lianne Siebring from Rotterdam. So we were really happy when she approached us for a collaboration.
More on that will follow. On the picture you see the table cabinet by Siebring & Zoetmulder and our new clothes hook. The cement candleholder by Merel Bekking is amazing!

Lianne Siebring



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Kirsten and her husband from Goldbach Fotografie took beautiful pictures of  our posters Fleur, Wonderbear and In the Backwoods. You can follower her Instagram here

Poster in the Backwoods

Poster Fleur


Poster Wonderbear

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Lilesadi loves. Fine little day

Fine Little day is a brand we really like. Elisabeth Dunker’s designs are fresh, poetic and minimalistic at the same time. One of her best known designs is certainly the Gran cushion and wallpaper, you see it everywhere.

Gran cushions by Fine Little day

Her son Otto Dunker designed the Ohoy  and Mountains line.

Fine Little day Ohoy wallpaper


Her blog is very inspiring too, Elisabeth posts about designers she likes, nice illustration books and beautiful homes.

Have a look at her shop here.


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