Things // Rainbow Shades

The Rainbow shades by French designer Julien Renault are derived  from a project with kids at Villa Noailles arts centre in Hyères.. Beautiful shades inviting to be combined. Made from reinforced synthetic plaster and produced in limited quantities.

Rainbow Shades Julien Renault

On a trip

On a trip

Things // Yeah rug by Mae Engelgeer

Yeah rug inspired by the Berber & Boucheroite style, handwoven in Nepal and a strong Mae Engelgeer signature.

Yeah rug by Mae Engelgeer

Inspiration // Bubbles

Incredible that just soap water and air can create these iridiscent short living beauties.


Sabine Marcelis for Eastpak - beautiful iridiscent design

Sabine Marcelis for Eastpak

Lilesadi loves…Gang of Freyja

Our friend Juliette Sallin from Geneva just opened her new label Gang of Freyja. The mythology around the beautiful and untamed goddess Freyja inspired her to create her own drawings, thoughts and inspiration around beauty, femininity and the sensuous wilderness of life.

Juliette Sallin Night_Girl_illustration shrimp_girl

You find the Night Girl print in our online shop.

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Screen printing Bears blankets

Our intern Rafaele is helping to screen print new fabric for the Bears Baby Blankets Bears . We use giant silk screens to print the pattern on the fabric. All our kids fabrics are hand printed.

Screen printing Bears blankets

UrbanMoms & LileSadi

Our leggings Bears was tried and tested by Flint, the son of the founder of You can win one leggings, enter the Give Away here before Thursday 10th of July 2014. Good luck!

UrbanMoms GiveAway Leggings Bears

Things // Vegetable Garden by Liekeland

Liekeland is the label of Lieke van der Vorst, her illustrations are inspired by her childhood in the Dutch countryside.

Our personal favourite is Oogstfest. The illustration is inspired by the meals she enjoyed with her family after the harvest. You can purchase a selection of her fabulous illustrations soon in our online shop.


Simplicity is just so inspiring. A house in the Dutch countryside, a vegetable garden, some chickens. Thank you Lieke,  you made our day!

DIY Gold and Marble Jar

DIY Gold and Marble Jar

What do you need :

  • A jar of your choice
  • Polymer clay in white and granit effect
  • Gold spray
  • Aluminium foil
  • Craft knife
  • Varnish and a brush
  • Masking tape
  • Protective canvas or newspaper

DIY Gold and Marble Jar

Step 1 : Decide where you want the gold part to end and protect the part of the jar with paper or plastic that you don’t want to be sprayed.

Step 2 : Go outside or in a well ventilated place to spray the jar in gold and let dry.

DIY Gold and Marble Jar

Step 3 : Condition the clay by kneading to get it more soft and moldable. Mix the two color by using this great technique that I found on The Felted Fox Blog.

Step 4 : Use a glass bottle or a rolling pin to flatten the ball of clay. Apply it on the bottom of the jar that has aluminium foil on it to protect it. Form the edges.

DIY Gold and Marble Jar

Step 5 : Bake the bowl form, with de aluminium foil in it, according to the manufacturer’s directions. Allow it to cool completely.

Step 6 : Varnish the bowl form. Ik you want you can glue onto the jar. But if you don’t, you can aslo use the clay part as a little bowl next to your jar.


DIY Gold and Marble Jar





Things // The Garden Edit

The Garden Edit. Products inspired by and for the garden. ..

The garden edit

The Garden Edit

Founded by English gardener John Tebbs, The Garden Edit redraws the traditional boundaries associated with shopping and the garden by bringing together a modern collection of products that embody functionality, timelessness and beauty.