Lilesadi loves… Playtime Paris 2015 Picks

We had such a great time presenting our year collection LileSADi petite 2015 at Playtime Paris 31st of January until 2nd of February this year. We found many new retailers and we met many many inspiring people, for example the talented people from Papu, a fresh brand from Finland.  We wanted to share with you the brands to watch. Of course we cannot show you the AW2015/16 collections yet, what you see here is from their current collections.

Tattyoo , incredibly poetic and graphic temporary tattoos for kids and grown ups. Directly tested the Summer ice creams with Luca. We had so much fun!


Mainio, a kids clothing brand from Finland. Character, cool and openess are their main ingredients.

Mainio Cape

Would love that jumper for Luca! It looks incredibly comfy and so cool:)


Knast by Krutter is the new brand founded by Birgitta Sonn from Denmark in 2012. We love the playfulness, yet simplicity of her designs.

Knast by krutter

The funny and graphic illustrations by  Corby Tindersticks from the UK made us smile.

life black poster Corby Tindersticks

The height chart is such a great idea for a kids room.

Corby Tindersticks

In love with Papu – The people behind this Finnish brand are so nice and inspiring. Papu is a collaboration between an artist and a designer. They share our opinion about cross-seasonal clothing and everything is produced in the EU on organic fabrics.



Milk and Biscuits is a Anglo-Chinese kids clothing brand founded by Kate Smith in 2013. They have been developing unique prints collaborating with illustrators.We are in love with the Swimmer print skirt.

swimmers_print_skirt_Milk and Biscuits

Last but not least, being a girl, shoes should not miss in the list!  We fell in love with the creations by Rainbows and Snow. We share with you this beautiful video we found on their website.

Have a lovely weekend! Take care


Lilesadi shares… one sunny day

Last Wednesday was extraordinary sunny and we want to share our day with you all.

We had a meeting with Siebring and Zoetmulder in the morning to discuss our collaboration project for the Salone in Milan, but we couldn’t resist it and asked them to come outside. Then, in the middle of the meeting, we found out that the rooftop café at Schieblock was already opened… So we run all the way up to the last floor of the building and… oh wow! The views and the sun were just incredible. Every wednesday the collective prepares a really nice lunch with the vegetables from the rooftop garden.

After some intense working hours at the studio, we were ready for our Lilesadi team dinner at Dinah’s house. Since Playtime, we were already waiting for a nice evening together and the time had arrived. We just had one bike so we crossed all Rotterdam by foot. I must admit that even it was pretty tiring, it really worth it, as we got to appreciate the sunset at the Erasmus bridge and the night lights at the harbour.

Finally, once at home, Dinah and Sarah cooked a truly delicious Lasagna and I made a fresh salad. Marjaana and Yelle brought some nice wine and we enjoyed a very nice dinner altogether.


I hope you can all get the good vibes from our day,

and please forgive me for the weird video format, I understood after recording it that you should keep your phone horizontal…


Ane Baztarrika


Marble and Concrete Stories…

We are excited to present our new motif “Marble Concrete” we designed exclusively for PHOTOWALL in Sweden. In this wallpaper marble and concrete truly come to life in a beautiful pattern combined with soft pastels.

We wanted to create a wallpaper that would add an intriguing tactile dimension to any wall. Naturally the result also fits to our philosophy: To brighten up people’s homes.

Mable Concrete Wallpaper

You can order it made-to-measure for your wall at the PHOTOWALL online shop. If you would like to order a free sample please send us an email to .

Things // Stellan Herner Photography

On one of my favourite blogs Vosgesparis I discovered the photography by Stellan Herner for Elle Decoration and I simply fell in love.
His pictures are very atmospheric, soft, yet simple and minimalistic.

Stellan Herner

Via Vosgesparis

Soon.. screen printing workshops in our studio

We are so happy that we can finally announce our screen printing workshops! We are busy with the last testing and then beginning of March we can get started.
The workshops will take place in our studio at GROOS in Rotterdam.

Here you see the result of the simple potatoe printing technique made by our Finnish intern Marjaana. The potatoe gives structure to the print and the pattern gets very organic and three-dimensional.

Join our workshop and try yourself DIY screen printing with potatoes and other materials and take a nice product home. If you are interested to join just send us a quick e-mail to and we send you more information.

Screen printing tests

An afternoon walk

A afternoon walk helps to tank fresh air and get inspired…

Afternoon   FullSizeRender[2] IMG_0323

Lilesadi meets… DE ZOLDER

This time I want to tell you about a new exciting project that is about to kick off in Delft. The young minds behind it are Anton and Elise Zoetmulder. They have always been in contact with their mother’s architecture studio  Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur and now is time to have their input on it by creating a new flex working space above it, in the attic, or how you would call it in dutch: De Zolder.


I met them at their place and they answered some questions about themselves and their project. As it is very personal I will show you their real answers to get to know them better but also get the feeling behind it.

You may already know Elise from her collaboration with Lilesadi. Together with Lianne Siebring she designs lovely poetic cabinets and one year ago they joined forces with our studio to work on the surface pattern design for their furniture.


I was interested in knowing how her different projects come together and this is what she said about working here at schieblock with Lilesadi:


Now they are two very hardworking people but one day they used to go to their mum’s office and be very very naughty


Rediscovering the old attic!


What is a flexworking space?


What kind of people would De Zolder be ideal for?


Is there any connection with the Architect office?


How is it going to be working there? Do you have coffee?


And what about the views? I heard that they are quite impressive!


We already said goodbye but wait! I want to know more about what you mean with growing as cabbage!


If you want to know more and follow their steps you can find them at their facebook page DE ZOLDER, and contact through email

I hope you enjoyed the interview as much as I did,

See you next week!

Ane Baztarrika


End of the week we will be travelling to Paris to attend Playtime.  We will be showcasing our SS/AW 15 collection of Kidswear and home accessories.

Meet us at Playtime


We are looking forward to Confit de Canard, Gratuin Dauphinois, O la la.. exciting!

Do you have tips for us where to find nice places in Paris? Mail us to

Take care.

Lilesadi watches… artists at work

When I go to an exhibition something that really gets my attention is the process behind the making. I try to imagine the author, designer or artist at work. Their body language and hand movement.

Last year I went to the exhibition “Artist textiles: Picasso to Warhol” at the Fashion and Textiles Museum in London. The exhibition was an absolute explosion of creativity but there was a video of Picasso painting that really touched me.


I just found it and I wanted to share it with you. In there you can see Picasso behind a glass painting with free brush strokes.

(….If like me the music doesn’t inspire you I recommend putting some other music that you like with it, the experience gets even better!)

While thinking about this post I remembered some other artists whose processes inspires me to have fun and to have a close body relation to my work.

Matisse and his cut-outs

Pollock dripping

and …  Ushio Shinohara



Ane Baztarrika



Lilesadi reads… Folding techniques for designers

I started my love affair with folding paper when I participated on a workshop about Origami Tessellation with the artist Tine De Ruysser.

There we learned how to fold a single sheet of paper to create a tessellated pattern based on geometric shapes, mainly square and triangles. De Ruysser makes very interesting jewellery pieces but also functional objects with folded materials. I specially loved her mix of hard materials as wood or metal with soft fabrics.



 Detail of her shoulder cape design


Metamorphosis I made by plywood and polyester.


I was very intrigued by how I could apply it into my work and I bought the book “Folding Techniques for Designers: From Sheet to Form” by Paul Jackson. It really opened my views of what folding can bring to design, with a simple sheet of paper or other flat materials you can create an infinite amount of shapes, volumes or textures. 

This book covers not only origami but also over 70 folding techniques explained by clear step-by-step drawings, crease-pattern drawings, and specially commissioned photography.


You can see a video here

Folding Techniques for Designers by Paul Jackson

And for even more paper folding expertise, take a look at some of the author’s favourite sites and blogs:

I have just started exploring its possibilities and I really encourage you to experiment with it!

Have a lovely weekend!

Ane Baztarrika